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Wardrobe Post

Finally, here it is: my closet 2012/2013!
Some garments are missing, and a lot of accessories, but oh well. Wigs are missing as well - I have sooo many and was way too lazy to get them out of their package :)

As you will see, I enjoy different styles of Lolita: Gothic/EGL (the most), Classic, Sweet (especially what is called 'bittersweet' now), Sailor, Punk and Aristocrat/EGA.

Sorry if some items are featured twice, the pictures have been taken on different days.


Aatp, IW (sold), Meta, AatP

Baby (sold), Hennes

Baby, Meta

all Moitié (first and third sold,second is Cathedral print)

Moitié (Holy Queen), Moitié, H&M

Orsay, Moitié (Stained Glass), AatP (The End of Immortal Eden)

Putumayo (must look up name again), HeartE, AatP (Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box)


F+F (sold), IW, IW

AP, Baby, Baby (sold)

Baby (Paris no Mado), Meta (Perfume Bottle)

Meta (Blooming Garden), Meta, Baby (must look name up), Bodyline

Bodyline (sold), Meta (witch matching hair combs and bloomers tucked in), AP, Baby (L'oiseau bleu)

Baby (Milk-chan and Snow Strawberry), Bodyline, AP, Baby (L'oiseau bleu)

Bodyline, AP (Dreamy Dollhouse)

AP, Baby (apron, sold), offbrand (I think it's from Momos Handicraft Store)

Blouses, Cutsews and T-shirts

Moitié, Bodyline, Bodyline
offbrand, Moitié, Pimkie

Meta, Moitié, Bodyline
Pimkie, Novala Takemoto for Baby, Bon Prix

offbrand, offbrand
C&A, C&A

orsay, H&M, Meta (with collar and wrist cuffs)
Melrose, Moitié

Baby, Bodyline, Bodyline
Meta, offbrand, offbrand

sleeveless: H&M, short sleeve: offbrand, long sleeve:offbrand
Orsay (in the middle), Anna House

Tally Weijl, Bodyline, Meta

Mötivi, Meta

Baby, GLP, Novala Takemoto for Baby
Jane Marple, Bodyline, Baby

Bodyline, Bodyline
offbrand, Meta, Meta

offbrand, New Yorker

2x Dunkelsüß, Moi dix Mois merch, offbrand


Primark, Baby

Meta, offbrand (sold)

Moitié, Baby

Baby, H&M



Peace Now, RQBL, offbrand

JSK London, Zara

all Orsay or H&M

H&M blazer, H&M apron xD

H&M, Dear Celine
Baby, ????

offbrand, AP, Esprit


Putumayo, Sweet Angel, Meta

Moitié (sold)

offbrand, AP

handmade, Moitié (bustle back) (sold)

Meta (Old Rose), Orsay

Bodyline, New Yorker (not for Lolita, more Otome), Orsay

Bodyline, Meta (Night of Masquerade/Masquerade Lady)

Bodyline (sold)

offbrand, H&M


Bodyline, Aatp
Bodyline, F&F

Meta, Bodyline, Bodyline


left: Victorian Girl Dress, right: front 3x Bodyline, back offbrand and F+F

made by a seamstress,offbrand (LARP store)

Underskirt: gift from my bf's aunt. Originally for Squaredance

Headdresses/Hats, flowers, hair accessories and misc.

Crown and scepter: H&M, White Katyusha: Meta, 2x Baby, Black Katyusha: Moitié
Black Katyusha: Baby + AatP, Headband: H&M, Navy katyusha: AatP,Lavender Katyusha: Baby
Polka Dot bow: Chocomint, Green katyusha: AatP, Black x pink + pink x mint katyusha:Chocomint, Headbands with tiny bows: offbrand, H&M, Accessorize
Crown headband: H&M, Dotted black bow: H&M, Polka Dot headband: H&M, Pink katyusha: Baby
last black bow in picture: bought in a boutique in London

H&M, C&A, Baby
Star Clip by Chocomint
Meta, Aatp

hat, collar and cuffs - Asos

AP (Dreamy Dollhouse), AP, Camomilla
Meta, AP, Bodyline
Meta, Baby, Bodyline
handkerchief by Moitié, Bodyline

all Bodyline, Closet Child, Claire's, Bijoux Brigitte, H&M, offbrand

H&M, C&A, Chocomint


Masks I want to repaint :3
Choker and wristcuffs from Meta, star clip from Chocomint

bought in a hat shop

Closet Child, handmade

all Moitié


Accessorize, Bodyline

Suppurate System mask, two rings and dummy pierce

Roeckl ♥ Lace on top, solid on bottom


???, H&M
???, Laughing Vampire


from left to right: offbrand, Baby, Bodyline, Bodyline, parasol from Meta, primark, Moitié, dm, Primark, Meta

Bags and Shoes

Giesswein rubber boots
Demonia, Demonia, Moitié Bat bag

H&M, Baby, offbrand

My holy grail *_* Rocking Horse Ballerina Shoes by Vivienne Westwood

Bordello, H&M, New Yorker, Funtasma, Bodyline
Aqua Calda, Bodyline, Montreal, offbrand, Bodyline
Bodyline, offbrand, Bodyline, H&M, New Yorker

offbrand, Bodyline, Montreal, Funtasma, Primark
Bodyline, Bodyline, offbrand, Bodyline, offbrand

Demonia, boots; Deichmann, Melissa x Vivienne Westwood, offbrand house shoes :3

modified offbrand chests

Bodyline, Demonia, Joop
Bodyline, The Nightmare before Christmas (I don't use it with Lolita though), TNBC
Bodyline, Meta

Chocomint, H&M Divided Meta
New Yorker, Tally Weikl, Orsay, IW

HK, Tally Weijl, Baby, offbrand
Usagi-chan: selfmade, TNBC, Steiff
both Maxicimam

HK, Bodyline, H&M
Ruby Gloom (again, not with Lolita), Meta
offbrand, handmade, AP

Ruby Gloom, gift from my bf's granny
HK, Bodyline
Emily, offbrand

Socks and hosiery

offbrand, offbrand, offbrand, baby, offbrand, IW, Meta
all Moitié, short socks: Meta

Six, Chantilly, Leg Avenue, Putumayo, offbrand, Montreal, handmade

Asos, Meta, AP, Claire's, rest all Bodyline

Some of my jewellery

Chocomint, H&M, Claire's, Closet Child, etsy, others

Meta, H&M, rosary bought in Vatican City, midi:nette, Promod, jeweller, offbrand

Meta, offbrand, Moitié

Bodyline, H&M, 2x Meta, offbrand, choker by Moitié


bags on left and waist belt: Restyle. heart bag by Baby, large bag by AP, dress by IW (same as red above)

all Chantilly

fake fur collars: H&M, chiffon scarf: C&A

Things I have to take photos of:

Memorial Cake OP and bonnet

Moitié - Double Gauze Blouse

Aatp - Vargossa Vest

Peace Now - 蜘蛛の巣 襟ブラウス Spider Web Collar Blouse

Bertille Rose Dress

Tulle Lace 2 WAY Bonnet

Lucienne Blouse

Lace Crinoline JSK + Bustle JSK

Moi même Moitié Xmas 2008 limited black chiffon op

Black Peace Now blouse with embroidered butterfly
Black Peace Now blouse with vest-like front
IW Violin bag in brown
ahcahcum muchacha bunny bags, doll/cat bags
AP Dream Sky tights
Rosenrot Eulogy tights
??? wrist cuffs in black
Merry me angel cameo locket necklace
Wa Lolita JSK from Gojira


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Jan. 24th, 2013 09:22 pm (UTC)
Closet-Post lvl: awesome!
So viele tolle Sachen *____________________________*
Jan. 26th, 2013 05:47 pm (UTC)
Danke für das große Kompliment :D
Jan. 24th, 2013 09:57 pm (UTC)
großer mantel neid!
Jan. 26th, 2013 05:50 pm (UTC)
Danke xD Hab ganz geschwind in deinen Wardrobe Post geschaut: hast aber selber auch ein paar tolle Mäntel ;)
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