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WTB: Huge IW Wish List

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a dress to wear to the Tea Party in Vienna. Priority decreases from top to bottom and left to right.

You can find my feedback page here. Ebay feedback can be found here.

Thank you for looking!

AntiqueDollDressHamiel-navyxbeige_0 168199_652187818140457_710337100_n
Antique Doll Dress Hamiel - navy (left) ( L size)
Antique Doll Dress Hamiel - gray (right) ( L size)

BertilleRoseDressJSK-bordeaux_0 BertilleRoseDressJSK-bluexnavy Ribbon Bustle Dress navy ElizabethDress-navy
Bertille Rose Dress JSK - bordeaux                                                                    
Bertille Rose Dress JSK - navy
Ribbon Bustle Dress - navy
Elizabeth Dress - navy

Classical Ribbon JSK ClassicalSquareOP-BlackxBeige_0 ClassicalStandingCollarOP-Brown_0

Classical Ribbon JSK in black (with bustle back)
Classical Square OP - Black x Beige (L size)
Classical Standing Collar OP (L size) (picture shows brown colorway, I am looking for the black or navy one!)

Chandelier OP TakaranoArikaEnglishGardenOP-black LaceCrionlineBustleJSK-blackxpurple RottenburgJSK-bordeaux
Chandelier OP in gray
Takarano Arika English Garden OP - black (L size)
Lace Crionline Bustle JSK - black x purple
Rottenburg JSK - bordeaux

RoseStainedGlassJSK-blue_0 Theresia Rose JSK blue GertrudeJSK-Blue Rocaille Trump JSK
Rose Stained Glass JSK - blue
Theresia Rose JSK - blue
Gertrude JSK - Blue
Rocaille Trump JSK - black

クラウン刺繍 Crown Embroidery JSK StoryofQueenandAngelsOP-black CardinalRoseJSK-black Angel Rose Basket JSK (93cm)
Crown Embroidery JSK - black
Story of Queen and Angels OP - black
Cardinal Rose JSK - black
Angel Rose Basket JSK in black