Noir Fleurir

~Mad World~

Salutations! The name's Veronica aka Noir Fleurir ("Blooming Black"), Satanyanko or Nicapachi

Eternally 17. Pansexual. Kind-hearted oddball. Quaintrelle.

Aestheticism, decadence and hedonism are my raisons d'être (and my boyfriend ;) )

I'm a multi-faceted aesthete with a weakness for the pleasures of life... fashion, music, art and culture, good books, nocturnal strolls, beautiful people, fine food, gothic romance and excessive shopping sprees.

I adore Japanese street fashion like Gothic, Lolita, Punk, Gyaru, Shironuri and many more and enjoy the cute and dark shades equally.

I love to talk to people from all over the world. Nice to meet you!

Please be aware that I support:
• The gay community
• Transgenders
• Feminists
• Anybody with a mental illness
• Any religion
• Body positivity
• People of every skin colour/ethnicity
• Human and animal rights
• Unconventional fashion

Tumblr: http://nicapachi.tumblr.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noirfleurir